The power to be a meme. Sub-power of Meme Manipulation. Not to be confused with Memetic Physiology.

Also CalledEdit

  • This page is just fucking awful no lie
  • i'm actually sorry. it's late. i can't sleep. you go to sleep.
  • Meme Mimicry
  • Memethropy


The user can transform into or mimic the abilities of a meme. Their powers will vary greatly depending on the memes they choose to become, though they'll almost certainly be awful. If you really want to be a terrible person, you can choose to become every meme that has ever existed at once.


  • Revulsion Inducement
  • Varies, depending on the meme.



  • Your lifespan is almost certainly limited, especially if you decide to become a modern meme.
  • May be stolen.
  • If you exist long enough, people will almost certainly be put off or disgusted by your presence.

Known UsersEdit

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